OILWIND manufacture of commercial fishing gear  is based in Feroe islands ( “the fishermen country” near arctic circle) . Oilwind designs and build innovative fishing gear for over one century.
Oilwind has a huge expertise in automatic bottom fishing long-line , manufacturing simple , strong and reliable fishing gear for small sized boats to industrial fishing vessels.
Oilwind systems are fitted on thousands of boat all around the world in both hemispheres from Arctic to Antarctic through tropical waters.

Oilwind systems will allow Indian ocean fishermen to operate on  virgin fishing grounds , too deep for hand fishing , and too small for industrial fishing.

Mauritius EEZ has a lot of unexploited slopes where high value bottom fish are “dying old “.

Hooks and lines allow sustainable fisheries to target species and sizes of fish .

Automated fishing gear brings , among others , following advantages:

  • Safety improved for crews
  • Improvement of fishing results
  • Less crew on board for same fishing effort;

We can provide help and assistance for first installations and new fishing techniques.

OILWIND systems can be fitted on any fishing boat size , already equipped with hydraulic package or “naked” like  traditional “pirogues” operating all around our islands.

A separate hydraulic package can be fitted on mall outboard fishing boats . Or they may be equipped with manual full automatic baiting machine and line hauler .

Boats equipment  can be progressively improved . the skipper can start with a 1000 hooks line , and according to boat size ,results and experience ,  the baiting and hauling system can accomodate up to 10000 hooks or more .Hydraulic equipment is  basically  the same for any hooks number,and line length.

Skippers and owners have time to get familiar with this innovative fishing system.

On other hand, investment can be delayed on several months or years.

18 ‘  outboard engine                                       45 ‘                                                                     100’