Lindgren Pitman


Since more than 20 years this US company is the the world leader for modern long-line mono-filament system.

This sustainable fishing method targets mainly great pelagic such as tuna and swordfish.

The majority of modern longliners around the world are now using Lindgren Pitman equipment. The reel range can fit any size of longliner ( 5 to 60 meters)

Lindgren Pitman reels are built exclusively with the highest grade of aluminium, with a unique  and secret welding method.

Reels over 30 years old are still in operation.

Lindgren Pitman has developed for more than 30 years a strong expertise in monofilament manufacturing. With a  unique blend of various brands of nylon pellets,  Lindgren Pitman extrudes its own monofilament , always seeking for the highest standards of resistance to UV , abrasion and sea water absorption.

Jacques ALBIN became the French longline pioneer in 1990 with Lindgren Pitman’s strong support and is proud to represent this world famous brand.

Fish and Ships and Lindgren Pitman offer a unique one stop shop providing to fishermen state of the art long-line equipment , consumables such as mono-filament, hooks, buoys etc…., as well as dedicated assistance , training at sea, and many more .

We can assist you to refit your fishing vessel into a longliner or help your in your choice for a new  boat.